News: Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

     The first thing you need to do in case of any emergency no matter what it is, it would be make a family plan you need to be aware on what are you going to do and this is not no option. Emergency's happen all the time it could happen right know or it may occur tomorrow it does not matter when it happens your suppose to be prepared already.

Family and Home Planning

· Know the safe points in the house under string tables, desks or against inside walls

· Know the danger spots, which are windows and mirrors and watch out for any obstacle in the ceiling

· Practice emergency drills

· Carry any medication that would be useful

· Decide a destination to reunite after the emergency

· Keep a list of emergency phone numbers

             By having smoke detectors you will be in good shape for any risk of a fire and by doing the following you and your family will be safe.   

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